The struggles of coming out to a traditional, Indian family.

Photo courtesy of author; an old but colorful bangle collection of mine

Around my family, I enveloped myself in layers the way a sari drapes around my body. As I dance through each of my cousin’s weddings, it’s no surprise when I’m stopped by an auntie asking if I’m ready to get married. Naturally, I smile as wide as a rangoli, explaining…

Travel. Morocco. North Africa.

How Chefchaouen will bring you peace.

Photo courtesy of author

Nestled between the Riff mountains, the blue pearl of Morocco shines brightly to all prospective tourists pining to explore. Chefchaouen is a modest city in Morocco where every inch of the town is painted blue.

I came across Chefchaouen through a Facebook video by NasDaily that showcased the picturesque scenery…

Thankful you left something behind for me

Photo courtesy of author

When I think of you, candles come to mind. The more I light them, the more they disappear. Occasionally, I’m able to conjure a beautiful flame of a memory of you. At first, it was easy to remember the clangor of your laugh and the spark in your eyes each…


An acquired taste. Always questioning if my actions are brave or reckless. Writing to heal. Lots of travel, personal revelations, & funny stories.

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